Thursday, January 14, 2010

ManGOES... and Friend!!!

What is up guys? Milt aka camberSC here...

Let's do this right for 2010, and start blogging about WRONG FITMENT which is all RIGHT in my book.

Let's start off with mangoes' EvoX, sick ride watching him drive up the I5 NorCal Bound when
he was rocking his white battles on our way to HF3.. I thought things wouldn't get any better... shit, well they did!!! Making even baby Jesus tear up from happiness!!

Welcome his Work Emotions XT7's 18x9.5 +12 w/ 5mm spacers.. Effectively +7.. YUMYUM! Sitting on 245/40/18 Advan Tires.

Now here is his Friend...

350z with Work VS-KF 18x9 -4 18x10 -5, Drift Spares are Work Emotion's xD9 18x10 +18

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